Frame is a company founded by three like-minded individuals who believe in the potential of Detroit and its people. Although we come from different backgrounds, we share the same passion and love for Detroit and are committed to seeing Detroit shine with vigor and vitality of days passed.

We believe in the explosive potential of the real estate industry in Detroit and we want to capitalize on this, while helping to generate much needed capital and commerce into the market. We intend to do this through a sustainable and replicable yet customizable system of real estate and property development, rehabilitation and management.

After identifying areas in the city that we feel need to be renovated, rehabilitated or developed, we then find investors who are best suited for the vision we have for the particular area. We meticulously search for people to partner with – people who share our vision of a Detroit that is not only known for the cars or Motown but also for its rich historical background and significant contributions to the business landscape of the USA.

Like any other business, we want to do well. We want our investors to do well. We want Detroit to do well. And, we believe we can do this by doing good.

One of our objectives is to ensure that the economic boom we envision bringing into Detroit is felt not only in the boardrooms of big businesses but especially in the households or wallets of the marginalized population of the city. We want the “real people” of Detroit to feel the positive changes that we know will sweep through the city. By creatively changing the landscape of the city while maintaining what makes it distinctly Detroit, we know that we will reignite the pride its people have in their hometown.

We seek to help reinstate Detroit to its former glory, if not exceed it. And we believe that because of our solid business model and plans, we will be able to encourage long term real estate investors to see the profitability and importance of doing business in the city.

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